Latest Covid-19 USA Statistics

This map reflects how many COVID-19 tests are being administered each day.

This map reflects how many COVID-19 tests are positive each day.

If you’d like to see stats for your specific locality over the last 14 days, just hover over the map with your mouse.

Where is the data on this page coming from?

The COVID-19 data displayed on this page is automatically updated throughout the day from credible sources, including WHO, CDC, Johns Hopkins University, Worldometer, IHME, The COVID Tracking Project, FRED, The New York Times, the Wikipedia compilation of world testing, SafeGraph, Foursquare, Thumbtack, SBA, Apple, Google, Our World In Data, and data from AWS Data Exchange.

Each map has it’s source information listed near it.

The data and visualizations displayed on this page are provided by third-parties, and Centena Testing takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data displayed.

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